Monday, September 13, 2010


I have another great Web 2.0 tool to share.  Go Animate allows artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to create fun and interactive animations.  One of the best parts of this site is the tutorial, which walks you through the simple steps to animate.  I plan to use this in my dance history class for our next project.  Students will choose an era from the 4 we have just studied and use the animations to share information about how dance was tied to culture during these specific time periods.  The process of editing down material to the most important parts will give them practice in synthesizing material and sharing with classmates will help everyone prepare for tests.  I hope this will provide a fun and effective review of material.  

This tool is quick to get started on and allows the user to be creative with the delivery.  It offers multiple scenes to choose from and allows users to pick premade characters or create one of their own.  Students will be able to add music and narration or voice bubbles with text.  The toolbar is easy to understand and scenes, characters and props are added by drag and drop.  The timeline allows you to manipulate the length of scenes.  The trickiest part of the program is coordinating the movements of characters and objects.  After watching sample videos, I was motivated to learn more about this program.  There are numerous free options available and for minimal cost, users can have access to advanced features.   I can’t wait to try out this exciting tool.

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  1. I love Go Animate! I used this as a tool last year to give messages to my students. They were mainly about good study habits and personal responsibility. My students responded very well to them. However, when the students were logged into the computer, Go Animate was a blocked site. I'm hoping that with the new, more relaxed internet policy, this site is available for the students to use as well. I would love to see their creativity at work in something like this. Thanks for the information. I hope that your project with your students turns out great!