Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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During my search I found many interesting blogs that were directly relevant to what I do professionally.  The RSS feeds make it quick and simple for me to keep up with important news in my field and offer topics for classroom discussions and projects.’s Sports Medicine page offers important information about injury prevention and treatment.  Posts even delve into the psychology of sports injury.  Injuries are a common occurrence in the field of dance due to the extremes to which the body is pushed and information on injuries is vital to safe performance.  Dance Advantage contains the latest dance news on dancers and companies and also offers some personal insight into teaching dance and studying dance as a student.  It also contains pictures and links related to dance.  The Dance Teacher blog is an extension of the magazine of the same name.  This feed focuses on classroom curriculum and teaching methods.  In addition, it offers music suggestions for class and performance ideas and advice.  There are practical ideas to implement for class and even links to instructional videos.  Pointe Magazine’s blog has a focus on the personal experiences of dancers and the posts are specifically related to ballet.  The blog gives an intimate view of common struggles dancers face and will give me deeper insight into the struggles my students face.  It also provides a realistic view of challenges faced in the profession and will offer interesting topics for student discussions and journal writings.  My final blog subscription is to Free Technology for Teachers.  This site offers ideas for incorporating technology in the classroom and gives the free resources for the technology.  I found a great blog on 7 sites for copyright-friendly images.  At the end of each post there are related links including lesson plans incorporating the topic of the blog and the option to email or share the post.  Photograph by Melissa Lodhi.

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