Wednesday, September 8, 2010


For more information on Edmodo, check out this informative video.


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  2. Hi Melissa,

    What a GREAT visual sharing of the Web 2.0 tool you have found – EDMODO!
    I particularly enjoyed the way you blended your own graphics (the shot of the computer keypad, the chain for demonstrating the way this tool links to students, the light bulb for the concept of sharing ideas, and you even used your gradebook as an example of the way the program helps the teacher manage this item!) Great transitions and smooth delivery!

    I thought your entire ‘one minute movie’ was done exceptionally well! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Melissa,

    I think this is such a great tool and it seems to be quite secure (which helps to alleviate some of a teachers stress when working online). This tool reminds me so much of Facebook, which let's face it, we all spend a good amount of time on and know quite a bit about! Edmodo is very user friendly and can adapt according to what type of assignment is posted or required. Thank you very much for sharing this tool! Is there a way for teachers who have an account at various schools to be "friends" with each other to collaborate? Now that would be cool!